I must be still thinking and dreaming about vacation today! I know I want to go to Paris and Walt Disney World, but I was thinking to myself, “try something different for once”. But what would that be? I was talking to a friend of mine today about this same topic and she suggested going to a ski resort. I was like a ski resort? I haven’t been skiing since high school for a PE class. But I thought she maybe on to something. Because skiing would be great for exercise while on vacation, but fun at the same time. Also it is something that me and my hubby have never tried before together too! So, maybe this would be a trip that I would try with just the two of us first and when Arman gets a little older maybe him too? What do you all think? Is the age of 4 too young for him to learn how to ski?

Well, I decided to do some research on Tahoe Reno resorts at Tahoe360 because I would not have a clue on how to plan a vacation like that. What I found is that their site is very interactive especially for someone like me that likes to get as much information I can on a particular area of travel before traveling. They have interactive maps to ski resorts, hotels and restaurants. You can also see snow and weather reports and visit lake Tahoe ski resort web cams there too. I thought that was pretty neat. If you are a snow bunny and want to be one I suggest you check this out and see what you think. Maybe we will all become snow bunnies soon.

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