Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWow, last week went fast!! I can’t believe I made it through my little one’s first week of school which was a emotional roller coaster for me and my hubby. The first and second day went well then day three came and boy did it shake us up a bit. He went to school with DH and he was excited to go,but when DH was getting ready to leave he started to cry saying this hurt and that hurt and he wanted to go home (Allergy season for us all right now). The teacher assured my hubby that he will be okay and that they will call if he didn’t calm down. Shortly after that I got a call from my hubby explaining this too me and he felt so bad that our little one was feeling so sad when he dropped him off. Later that day my hubby called back and found out that our little guy was doing just fine and playing. So I was so relieved and I couldn’t wait to get off of work to go get him. When I got him he was so happy to see me and I was the same. So we got home and played and watched the power rangers which is now his new favorite to watch. He sat there for a while and enjoyed the shows while I was sneaking in some cat naps.

Did I mention how tired I was last week and even today. I have been working 7 days straight as of tomorrow stocking and merchandising the new Sephora Store that I will be at. I thought it would be so easy and it was, but it was very physical. It was stressful at time, but fun too! I know for sure any of you make-up divas out there would have just been in heaven!! So many products and brands to choose from. I am going to go crazy!!! We get to go shopping for products this week and I have my listed started. I want the following, but it does not contain all:

Sephora brand compact powder d34
Smashbox photo finish primer
Urban Decay Primer potion for the eyes, which is AWESOME!! You eye shadow will last all day.
Too Faced black licorice eye shadow quad
Urban decay waterproof eye liner
Tarte tool kit for the brows or Anatasia??
Bourjois nude lip liner and 3d gloss
I COULD GO NUTS!! There is more but I will not kill you eyes tonight. hee hee 🙂

But the store is almost ready for grand opening this coming week and I am excited.

However, with all of the fun, excitement, allergies, and work my diet has really suffered this past week. YUCK!! They had so many treats and lunches offered to all of the associates and I could not refused. So as a result, again my scale is up from me eating badly and no maintaining my aerobic activity, and to top it of my allergies are killing me which makes me feel sluggish and not too motivated to exercise. I just can’t wait until this week is over and then I will be back to a normal schedule. This 7am-5pm shift is wearing me out, on top of being a mom, cleaning, cooking, and others things I am sure you others moms know what I mean.

So, with that said, starting Monday I am getting myself in order starting with eating healthy and since I am off on Tuesday I will sleep in with my little on and start my exercise routine again. Cathe step workouts here I come, lol. I just do not want to gain 20 pounds over the holidays like I did last year so please keep me in track you all. Please? Please? Right now I timidly got on the scale and Oh no!! It up AGAIN!! Boy do I sound like a broken record. It currently shows 165. I swear again it is so easy to gain the weight in record time, but it seem it takes like forever to get it off.

In a bit I will be watching Kimora Lee Simmons’ Life in the Fab Lane. Do any of you watch that show? I am loving it. It is such a interesting show on her life and career as a mom and fashion mogul. She totally rocks and inspires me in so many ways. If anyone does watch it, what do you think of the show so far? I would love to know. Well, I am off for now.

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