Follow these MMA conditioning tips and you will undoubtedly achieve the best fitness of your life! Think I’m kidding? Well, did you know that as far as combative arts are concerned, most folks go about conditioning all wrong. They train by running a few miles each day and/or by holing up on the weight room doing one or two reps of all the weight they can handle.
Now, think about it. Is this the type of training that mimics a real life self-defense situation? Does this at all resemble a street fight? I don’t know about you, but the last fight I saw lasted all of about twenty seconds. I know from personal experience that those twenty seconds can seem like a lifetime, if you’ve got some thug trying to tear your head off. But honestly, do you think jogging is going to help, here?
You’re right. It’s not. But in these MMA conditioning tips, I’ve got what you need. The right types of exercise for the right situations. Let’s see what this is all about.
The most important of these MMA conditioning tips is this…don’t think you’re training when you’re running five miles a day. That’s not what you do when you fight. Training for fighting needs to be more sport specific, and this means you need anaerobic training, not aerobic. That is you need to get your body able to go all out for short periods of time without giving out. One great way to do this is with springs, another is with the heavy bag.
My next most important of these MMA conditioning tips is to avoid going to the gym and doing the old three sets, eight reps weight workout. You know legs on Tuesdays, arms on Thursdays. That sort of thing. Now, this is certainly better than nothing, but it’s not what you need for mixed martial arts fitness.
Bodyweight exercises are what you need, and plenty of them. Simple exercises like sit-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups can be combines into an almost infinite number of arrangements. These exercises strengthen you while also giving you incredible muscular endurance.
I’ve got other MMA conditioning tips, but these are two of my best.

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