To understand the way in which a high protein diet effectively ‘burns’ excess body fat, we must first of all examine the three main energy foods in our diet and, in particular, their effects on the body when they are digested and absorbed, especially with regards to our quick weight loss goals..

The Carbohydrate Cycle

Carbohydrates are – in simple terms – sugars and starches. They are absorbed from the digestive tract reasonably quickly, which is the reason why we get a rapid energy boost from a bar of chocolate or a pastry. But – and this is the important part – when our blood sugar levels go up, your body releases a hormone called insulin, which then starts to lower the blood sugar level very quickly. When the sugar level in our blood goes down rapidly, we feel weak and faint (’hypoglycemia’ is medical speak for low blood sugar), so we have another sweet food to boost our sugar level.

Again, we feel better for a while, and then insulin kicks in to lower our blood sugar and make us feel weak once more. And so the cycle goes on.

Most people associate insulin with diabetes, in which there is a problem with insulin production, but actually insulin is an essential hormone in everyone. Your body simply can’t cope with too much sugar in the diet.

If you’ve been on diets before, you’ve no doubt experienced these symptoms. Even worse than the constant ups and downs in energy levels are the difficult mood swings that accompany the energy fluctuations. And every time we have another cake or chocolate – which we really must have or suffer the discomfort of low blood sugar, which nobody can ignore I can assure you – the pounds pile on.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it does! Insulin has many essential functions in maintaining life, but it has one very bad action for the dieter: it causes excess carbohydrate to be stored as fat. In other words, it actually stimulates the deposit of fat around our bodies.

Let us go over this again, just to be certain that you fully understand the mechanism of fat storage in the body, because by shutting down this mechanism, you reverse the process: instead of making fat, you burn fat.

When you are hungry, you eat carbohydrates, which provide a rapid source of energy.
This stimulates the production of insulin by the body, which quickly lowers the blood sugar, making you feel weak and irritable, so you eat more carbohydrates to make you feel better, which it does – but only briefly.

Insulin then stimulates the deposit of excess carbohydrate as fat, especially around the waist and hips. Even worse, it actually prevents body fat from being used to provide energy, so you can never break down body fat if insulin levels are elevated.

So you need to keep away from “high sugar” carbs like sweets and cakes. The low sugar carbs like oats and vegetables are OK as they don’t impart the same sudden changes in blood sugar levels – they’re more a type of “slow release” carbs that help your body maintain a steady blood sugar level. Much healthier and much better for quick weight loss.

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