With an air rowing machine rowing, enthusiasts will enjoy the real resistance that a rowing workout offers without ever having to leave their house! While you do not get all the natural enjoyment you would if you were outdoors rowing it is a great alternative for those who want the rowing experience but do not have the opportunities to get the real deal.

An air rowing machine is also a great way to practice rowing if the weather does not permit you to be outdoors. A rowing machine is an excellent source of exercise. You get all the benefits of a normal aerobic workout with one piece of equipment. When you start your rowing workout you will sit on the seat or bench depending upon what type you are using. Then you will lean forward and put your hands on the handles. Once you do this you will pull slowly and keep going until you find a speed and resistance that feels right to you and your muscles. It is important that you slow down towards the end of your workout to get a good cool down.

When you go to look for your air rowing machine you will want to take into consideration how much room you have to store it. Fortunately the majority of them fold and slide easily under your bed. If you live in a small apartment or house this is imperative so it is kept out of the way. Other features you will want to look for are adjustable foot pedals. You will want to pick one that has foot pedals that adjust to at least 3 different levels so that you are getting the maximum results.

The type of computer your machine has is important as well. You will want to ensure that it has a heart rate monitor and a monitor that will both increase and decrease its resistance according to the different profiles that the computer stores on it. When you shop for one you should look for some type of warranty. Many quality companies will offer special warranties that ensure if parts break they will replace them at little or no charge to you.

Prices for these vary depending upon where you purchase them from, and what features they come with. If you are having to adhere to a strict budget you can get an air rowing machine for as little as $150 brand new. For those who want the ultimate rowing workout you can purchase one for over $1000. Always shop around so you can find the right one for you!

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