The fitness industry is always coming up with new, must have pieces of exercise equipment which are usually popular for a while but then the enthusiasm wanes and they disappear. One that is a great piece of equipment and cheap that is proving very effective and is here to stay is the stability ball. Stability ball exercises are great for flexibility, toning and improving muscles strength. These large air, filled balls are made from heavy duty material, are comfortable to use and give excellent support.

One advantage of using a stability ball is that it makes the exercise less like work and more like fun! They are easy to use and suitable for all levels of fitness so are ideal for anyone just beginning to exercise. As they are inflatable they are very easy to take anywhere and they are made to last a long time. Compared to many other pieces of exercise equipment stability balls are also inexpensive. Stability balls were first used by physiotherapists for rehabilitation exercises. The first balls specifically made for this purpose were introduced by a toy maker in Italy, Aquilino Cosani during the 1960’s who called his ball the Gymnastik. During the 1990’s stability balls began to be used by athletes for body conditioning and were then taken up by people for exercise purposes.

Stability balls are excellent for improving flexibility, balance and strength and are every good for working out the abs and the lower back. Muscles that are not usually used can be exercised effectively and the movements used during these exercises improve the motor reflexes. Keeping the balance while using a stability ball helps to improve balance and works on different muscles than in other types of exercise.

One of the benefits of using a stability ball during exercise is to exercise the back muscles to relieve or prevent back pain, a major problem for many people. All the muscle groups can be exercised effectively which improves the tone of the muscles, endurance and strength. Overall flexibility is improved enormously. The benefits of stretching exercises are also give a boost when you use a stability ball aiding you in moving between different positions easily.

Can a stability ball help you to lose weight?

Well not directly of course, but by making your exercising more fun, you’ll be more motivated and you won’t tend to miss sessions because you’re bored. Once you are losing weight, the exercises with your ball will improve your bodies tone and help you to look better and slimmer.


Stability balls are definitely not a fad that will wear off when people get bored. They are excellent, cheap, long lasting and easy to use pieces of exercise equipment that will help you to enjoy exercising. Your ball will help you achieve a healthy, fit and well toned body, not overnight but in as short time as possible.

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