Stretching exercises are easy to do and will make a big difference to our quality of life, especially as we get older. Flexibility of the body is extremely important as we all need to be able to easily bend to pick up things from the floor or reach behind to do up a zip. As we get older it is easy to exercise less resulting in loss of flexibility which will have a major impact on your ability to do these very basic and necessary tasks. If you are having difficulty doing these simple tasks then you should consider starting a stretching program to improve your flexibility.

As the body ages joint movement can become rest riced as muscles tighten and flexing and bending can be limited. Including stretching exercises in your daily routine can help to improve this. You can incorporate simple stretching exercises into your daily activity without needing any equipment. A minimum of ten minutes of stretching exercises are also a necessary introduction to more vigorous exercising such as before training or sports.

Benefits of Stretching Exercises

  • Stretching can increase the range of movement by lengthening the muscles and tendons. This is a particular benefit for elderly people whose movements may have become severely restricted by lack of exercise.
  • Stretching can benefit you by improving skills needed for many sports. It will allow you to have a much more active lifestyle.
  • By stretching you will keep your muscles in good condition which can help to prevent injury. You will be able to work out or play sports for longer without causing soreness or pain in your muscles.
  • Stretching can be a big help in reducing tension in the muscles which can help tension headaches and back pain.

The Right Way To Do Stretching Exercises

When you are performing a stretching exercise it is important that you relax and stretch slowly without bouncing. If you bounce you can pull muscles rather than stretch them. Do not overstretch, continue only until you feel a mild tension and never stretch until it is painful. Breathe slowly and regularly while stretching, do not hold your breath. Stretch, wait twenty second then relax.


Stretching exercises are easy to do, safe and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. They can greatly improve your flexibility and ability to perform many tasks and can be a big help for those who have a sedentary job and don’t get enough exercise. Particularly for the elderly they can greatly improve range of movement and help to improve the quality of life.

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