For the bodybuilder who does regular workouts and takes them seriously, it is important to also look for the best pre workout supplement to take. Taking a pre workout supplement has just been recently discovered as a helpful part of the workout. There are several different brands of these types of supplements to consider.

Many of the supplements used to contain caffeine, amino acids and glutamine. These ingredients are still used in today’s supplements in addition to other ingredients. Anything used in the pre workout supplement is used to help the bodybuilder with his endurance and muscle strength. The supplements are used to prepare for the weightlifting workout.

A good pre workout supplement should contain the ingredient called ribose. This ingredient can be used in a pre workout shake and it delivers nutrients while being anti-catabolic and anabolic to help the bodybuilder achieve the lean body mass. It is also a great source of energy that enhances performance. Another good pre workout supplement should contain protein and carbohydrates to help reduce breakdown of protein, which can happen without the pre workout supplement. A good nutritious well-balanced food diet should also be taken regularly besides using the pre workout supplement.

Taking an oral amino acid-carbohydrate supplement before a workout will increase the protein synthesis in the body which is the goal of every bodybuilder. Tests were done that have shown this happens better when taken as a pre workout supplement instead of a post workout supplement. By drinking the amino acids in the pre workout drink, the muscle tissue is not broken down during a workout. This is important to the bodybuilder as he wants to keep the muscles growing.

It is still necessary to drink or eat something right after the workout, however, it is being proven that the pre workout supplement drinks actually are better for the muscles than the post workout supplements.

The perfect pre workout supplement in drink form would contain 35 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of amino acids, which are at least 10 grams of a protein such as whey protein. If the bodybuilder would rather not take the pre workout supplement, he can drink fat-free chocolate milk as an alternative. This will provide him with 30 grams of carbohydrates and 10 grams of protein.

Whichever brand the bodybuilder chooses to purchase, he should check all of the ingredients before choosing his best pre workout supplement.

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