Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Would you agree that there has been a lot a advertisements gearing towards adults and stressing the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle? I do, but what about our growing youth? I think it is very important to teach what we’ve learned about living a healthy lifestyle and passing those values down to them, so that they can grow up into healthy adults. It saddens me to see how some kids these days spend too much time doing seditary activities such as watching t.v. and playing video games for hours. One may ask how can I help my young child? Or where can I start?

Well I came across this interesting Site called today. This site was really intriguing to me because as you know I have a child of my own and I want him to learn the benefits of eating healthy and stay active too. What I found is this site is a brand new broadband channel that is dedicated to give great sports instruction to youth sports through coaching and instruction. I also found that the team has more that 65 years of experience in media development and they also know about sports through their many years of coaching experience. They also have managed a national sports magazine for kids and have an extensive network of coaches, athletes and other youth sports expects available to you.

The other benefits are:- Great instructional content, including more than 500 free videos that teach key skills in sports like soccer, football, basketball and many more that make it easy for parents to help develop their kids’ skills and enjoyment of the game.

– Comprehensive sportsmanship and sports parenting content to help parents develop well-rounded athletes and coaches and parents to set a good example for their kids.

– Expert blogs offering easy-to-understand tips and advice, and kid-friendly feature stories and interviews with athletes and coaches that help educate, motivate and encourage kids to get the most out of the youth sports experience.

I feel that the features to this site are phenomenal especially for a parent that may not know where to start. Additionally, with these features I believe that they will set you up for success and create a fun and interactive atmosphere for you and your child to love for many years. Heck, you may even find a new sport that you may like for yourself too. I would highly recommend anyone that are at a lost for ideas or need additional coaching techniques for the school aged kids in order to make exercise through sports a fun experience for you and your child to enjoy together.

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