Congested sinuses are a problem for many people, in fact sinus infections are suffered by over forty million Americans every year. Congested sinuses are often caused by chronic sinusitis which may be a result of allergies, such as mold, dust mites or pollen or irritation from environmental pollution. Sinus infections should be treated by your doctor as they cannot be treated effectively at home but if you have chronic sinus congestion then there are some things you can do yourself to help relieve this distressing condition.

Congested sinus remedies

If your sinus congestion is a result of an allergic reaction then you can try anti-histamines. be careful that you buy one that is non-drowsy as you will want to take it during the day, not just at night. Nasal sprays and decongestants are effective but should not be used long term. Decongestants can cause an increase in blood pressure and sleep problems. Oral steroids may be prescribed by your doctor if other treatments are not proving effective but nasal sprays that contain steroids have been known to cause nose bleeds and can have other, more serious side effects if used over a long period.

Home remedies for sinus congestion

What can you do at home to relieve the pressure caused by sinus congestion? 

Steam treatments

Steam treatments using eucalyptus oil can help. Use a good quality eucalyptus essential oil and add a few drops to a bowl full of almost boiling water. With a cloth over your head to concentrate the steam, inhale deeply for about fifteen minutes. Use twice a day for badly congested sinuses.

Saline washes

An effective remedy is to use a saline wash to irrigate the sinuses. This works by washing out any allergens, such as mold spores, and also cleans the tiny cilia that beat continuously to move mucus through the sinuses and out the drainage holes. The easiest way to do saline washes is to use a neti pot.


As a long time sufferer of sinus congestion (all my life!) I have tried many different methods including oral steroids and decongestants. These methods all work, at least at first, but I found that all seem to stop working after a time as your body adjusts to them. The one thing I have found that works for me is sinus washes using a neti pot. I don’t have to use it all the time but, at the first sign of congestion, I do a wash out twice a day for a few days and this allows me to control the congestion build up. Sinus congestion is a chronic condition that many, many people suffer from and it can cause not only headaches but tiredness and depression. An effective cure would be wonderful but as this does not seem to be on the horizon controlling the condition with congested sinus remedies is essential to improve your quality of life.

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