banner2So many people in the world today are overweight, this is why you should really pay attention and care why you should eat healthy.  The availability and pricing of food that is complete junk today is outrageous.  You can run over to any fast food restaurant and eat off the dollar menu and for just three dollars can consume over 1,000 calories of pure fat and grease.  Why would anyone care to eat healthy when the convenience is there, the food is cheap and it tastes good?

Why you should eat healthy

Eating healthy is extremely important and unfortunately there is not much education given to the children of America on the importance of eating good, healthy foods.  In fact, children will follow the example of their parents so if the adult is constantly eating junk food and shows no concern for their health the child will do the exact same.  If they aren’t actually taught about healthy eating, then of course they won’t care – they just don’t know what they don’t know.

When you begin moving over from the junk foods that you are accustomed to eating foods that are low in sugar and saturated fat you will actually feel a change in your body for the better.  You will have more energy, feel more alive, get better sleep, and be living a much better life.  Additionally when your body is used to eating healthy foods and you then eat something unhealthy your body will tell you that it’s not good for you.  When I lost 40 pounds in 2008, I felt exactly this way.  I was eating very clean and decided to have a cheat meal at a baseball game.  I ended up eating a funnel cake, but my body hated it and I was sick to my stomach.  Even if your brain doesn’t realize it your body surely knows why you should eat healthy.

Your body always knows why you should eat healthy.

Another reason as to why you should eat healthy is the simple fact that not only will you physically feel better, but you will emotionally feel better about yourself since you are living a healthy lifestyle while shedding fat (if needed) and becoming just a more healthier person.  When you eat healthy your energy levels increase and you are less sluggish.  This is very beneficial because you can accomplish more throughout your day.  Everyone has dreams and goals they want to achieve, but when your body is slowing you down because you are not eating healthy you then less likely to act on those dreams.  As a healthy person with a lot of energy you will then be able to pursue your dreams.

Knowing why you should eat healthy is not enough, you need to be given a blueprint to follow.

Although you now understand some reasons as to why you should eat healthy, I cannot leave you with that.  If all I told you is why you should be eating healthy, then I have not done my job.  Just because you know this now does not mean you will act on it.  You need an exact blueprint to follow so that you can followup on this and begin living a healthy lifestyle.  The fact is most people will not take action unless given specific instruction on what to do.

My advice to you is to begin throwing out all the junk in the house.  Now go the grocery store and begin buying healthy foods.  Find some fruits and vegetables that you enjoy eating and have some lean meats for you meals such as chicken, beef, & fish.  Your snacks can include items such as string cheese, yogurt, almonds, and fresh vegetables such as carrots. Make it as the part of your dail routine and then see a huge makeover Perth in you.

Another choice you can have is to join a 90 day challenge.  This will allow to take small steps into eating healthier and living a better life.  It’s far easier to set a 90 day goal (since it’s short in time) and progress from there.  With the BodyByVi 90 Day Challenge you can set any type of healthy and fitness goal and be able to achieve that goal.  Whether you want to lose some weight, add muscle, or just eat healthier the challenge can help you. 

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