Okay, today is day one of me getting back to my healthy routine. The fun eating and lack of movement is over. At least that is what my mind is saying, but my body is saying something else. Gotta love it. Today my entire family is home with severe allergies. Oh Man!! I don’t want to be sick and then DH and our son is too. Geez. I am feeling achy and drained. I did manage to sleep in late, but now I want to exercise. What’s the problem I don’t have any energy. My head feels like it is going to pop off and my body is aching from work. What is a girl to do! I could do a really low impact routine by Denise Austin, but I feel like my body will not burn much for what it is worth. I need high cardio, but the bods not willing. Okay I will stop complaining. I am just mad!! My scale is moving back down in the right direction starting this week at 165 to 163.5 so I guess I am happy with that especially since I did not exercise at all this week yet.

The biggest loser comes on later today and I am watching it all in its entirety. I need the motivation myself. You know? I can’t forget my goal which is to lean up and tone up this fall, so that I can have that awesome summer body and look great in some of the fall clothes I just recently purchased. I promise I will show and tell with pics. I just need to wait until I feel pretty enough to take pics, lol. I am feeling pretty gross. Okay I will stop. Well, I am hoping that my little on is off to sleep, so that I can sleep or read “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle”. See Tressa I am reading it soon. Hopefully today. hee hee 🙂 And I will blog about it later tonight.

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