Weight loss supplements may not be considered miracle drugs for those seeking to have fitter bodies but experts agree that there are weight loss supplements that can aid dieters in their quest for better curves and muscles. One of the most effective weight loss supplements in the market today is green tea supplements. Green tea, which is referred to scientifically as Camellia sinensis, is a kind of plant that was first cultured by the Ancient Chinese as a treatment for headaches, stomachaches, and depression. Recently, it has been established by experts that green tea has the ability to prevent and cure cancer and other major health conditions.

The value of green tea extends beyond medicinal purposes. It has been discovered that green tea possesses characteristics that can be used as great organic substitute to weight loss supplements. Today, many weight loss supplements have green tea extracts as one of their active ingredients. The antioxidants found in green tea encourage energy expenditure in a person’s body. It is because of this property that it was deduced that green tea supplements can be an excellent weight loss partner. Coupled with the proper diet and active lifestyle, drinking green tea supplements can effectively shed off pounds.

Green tea supplements for weight loss have caffeine and EGCG. Epigallocatechin Gallate or EGCG is a kind of chemical that when it gets contact with caffeine, it triggers faster metabolism rate in a person’s system. The EGCG in green tea also causes the hormone noradrenaline to be distributed throughout the body. Noradrenaline is an appetite-suppressant hormone. Green tea supplements meant to aid weight loss have the ability to increase your metabolic rate, making fat and calorie burning activities in your body faster. Because the fats are burned at a faster rate, they become the source of your body’s energy. This means, the more active you get, the more fat you spend.

A recent study has proved that people who regularly drink green tea as a means to lose weight typically lose 2.5 pounds every month. Green tea supplements usually come in tablet and capsule forms. If you want to achieve better effects, pick green tea supplements for weight loss that has 90mg of EGCG and 50mg of caffeine. It is ideal to take these supplements three times a day, just before you eat your regular meals. A word of caution though, even if these supplements are derived from natural ingredients it is still very important to consult your doctor about it. Anything that involves your health should not be taken lightly because you might pay for it dearly in the future.

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