Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketBowflex is probably the most recognized brands in exercise equipment. Bowflex is perhaps better known for their variety of home gyms, however they have also came out with a variety treadmills which add competition to the already crowded moderate priced treadmill market. Bowflex is not the least costly home gym, but the construction and quality are unsurpassed. Bowflex is made by the Nautilus group that makes the Nautilus, StairMaster, Schwinn and the Bowflex lines of home and commercial exercise equipment.

I have worked out with free weights and universal machines before this and with the Bowflex I feel that I get the same or even a better workout than before. I grew tired paying membership fees and the hassle of getting in my car, switching clothes, and then going to the gym. A usual trip to the fitness club would take 2-3 hours including travel time. I’m a pretty focused individual, but eventually, it becomes too difficult to get myself in the gym due to the many nuances in life.

For the average individual who is looking to get in shape the BowFlex is an ideal piece of equipment to invest in. After I first acquired mine, I began to utilize this equipment for my weight training. The Bowflex may look odd because it does not utilize traditional weights, but it is an incredibly versatile piece of exercise equipment.

One of the benefits of a Bowflex home gym is you have many variations of exercises to choose from, all with 1 machine. The Bowflex Xtreme2 for example allows you perform more than seventy different exercises including squats, which is hard to find on a typical home gym. The design of Bowflex home gyms closely simulates the range of motion achieved from using free weights.

Another great benefit of owning a Bowflex is if you are unhappy after using your Bowflex for up to 6 weeks, Bowflex will refund the purchase price of your exercise equipment less shipping and handling costs. The Bowflex is presently available in five different models with five different price tags, from an basic level sixty exercise home gym to the Bowflex Ultimate, encompassing a wide variety of 90 strength-training exercises. And the pricing ranges from a minimum of $14.00 per month and up.

Many users of the Bowflex exercise on it for 20 minutes a day and three days a week reports amazing benefits in strength and tone of their physique. Customers who use the Bowflex to boost their activity and muscle toning often report loss of weight, a decrease of body fat, and ultimately gain more muscle strength.

The Bowflex is the king of the home exercise gyms, and the number one equipment for consuming calories. The Bowflex home gym became the number one choice for home gym equipment thanks to the range of exercises achievable, compact footprint, portability feature, durability, and overall degree of safety when being compared to weight training with free weights. Bowflex is absolutely the number 1 choice for a home gym that will save you time, money, and give you the ability to workout in the convenience of your own home.

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