aboutOne of the most accepted and intriguing aspects of the mind is that we know so little about it and are constantly discovering new skills and abilities that it is capable of.

A recent discovery that adds to our belief in the power of the mind is its use with the idea of the gastric band surgery bypass. A recent report in a national daily newspaper following a hypnotherapy gold coast client’s experience in Spain, describes how well this approach works. The client shown in the article successfully responded to a hypnotic-induced version of the gastric band surgery. Now more and more hypnotherapists are adding this process to help people lose weight.

What is Gastric Band Surgery Bypass?

The physical operation for this procedure involves placing a band around the upper part of the stomach. The band slows the progress of digested food into the stomach. In doing so, the brain receives a signal from the stomach saying that it is full and the person stops eating.

The gastric band bypass helps a person lose weight by giving a feeling of being satisfied quicker than they would otherwise have felt. This in turn leads to them eating less and losing weight as a consequence.

Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery Bypass

Steven Harold, your London Hypnotherapist has received training from Dr. Keith Hearne of the European College of Hypnotherapy. Typically 3 to 5 sessions of hypnosis are required. Suggestions are given which encourage the imagination that you are having the gastric band surgery to help you feel fuller quicker. Typically clients report that they notice the same “full up” sensations that others who have had the surgery have experienced. They feel satisfied earlier than usual and therefore eat less and naturally lose weight.

Interestingly, the hypnotic gastric band surgery procedure may be effective even though the person having it knows that they have not had the physical gastric band fitted.

Is this type of Weight Loss Program for me?

The hypnotic gastric band sessions are aimed at those who have stones rather than just pounds to lose. As a rough guide anyone with 2 or more stone of excess weight could consider this type of Perth hypnotherapy approach.

There may be psychological causes for excess weight. Emotions from past experiences may have led to someone having a particular relationship with food. As a part of the hypnotherapy sessions this possibility will be looked at.

Please Note. It’s important to accept that weight loss occurs through two main actions, the reduction in food consumption, coupled with eating healthy foods, and exercise. Both of these aspects are a necessary part of the success of any hypnotherapy session. The idea of these hypnotherapy sessions is to support what you are prepared to do to help your weight issue along with your willpower. It’s important to seek the advice of your medical practitioner before making any radical changes to your lifestyle.

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