What a day. Today seemed to fly by fast!!! Today was day one of brand training with my new job and man was so much fun!! As I mentioned before I will be working for Sephora and today we learned about Benefit, Bare Essentials, Anastasia, DDF, Cosmedicine, Go Smile, and others. Man, I am going to be so broke and a make-up junkie!! All of them were wonderful and I really REALLY love the bare Essentials. It light weight and it is a mineral make-up that goes on like a creme. I recommend for you all to just go to your nearest Sephora and give it a try.

Later that day we were treated to Mexican food and man was it good, but… Man my scale going to kill me in the morning. I had to fajitas, beans, rice, chips, salsa. It was sooo yummy. But now as I am relaxing for the evening I am starting to bloat. I hate that!! you know? I guess I better start drinking water like crazy and stay on track with my diet for the rest of the week. Right? Tomorrow’s menu will look like:


Special K’s Vanilla Almond 120 cals
Half banana 60 cals approx
Jennie-O smoke turkey bratwurst. 130 cals

5 pieces of sushi 250 cals
salad 50 cals

Banana whole 120 cals approx

Chocolate Protein Shake 220 cals
1/2 cup of black berries 55 cals

150 calorie chocolate molten cake

Totals cals: 1200 approx.

Thanks God I went to the store tonight, so that I can have plenty healthy choices to chose from. So, no excuses for me to cheat, haha. How does my menu look? I hope okay.

Did you know I watched an hour of the Biggest loser tonight and had to run the grocery store in time for my hubby to drive down to the airport to pick up my brother in law. I was at the store at 8:30pm. This is after working all day, coming home and making dinner for the family. I am toasted!! Thank God I recorded it so that I can watch the second half of the show. My hubby tells me that the contestants had spectacular weigh ins. So I can’t wait to watch. Did any of you watch the show tonight? I was already getting attached to some of the people already and I was in tears sympathizing with each of their stories because I was their and I know how they feel. This season is going to be pretty darn good! Tomorrow I will post about the show in more detail because my poor little mind is so tired that I better go and get some sleep because I will be learning more product tomorrow in training. Chat later!

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