After a few days of bad eating I am feeling so lethargic? Why is that? I am even doing my regular exercise routine, but when I am in the mist of doing the workout I feel so tired! Heck, I was watching a movie with my child and literally feel asleep on the spot. I guess my body is trying to get used to working full time again and working out 5 days a week and being mommy and a wife too. It can be exhausting!! But I am not complaining either. With my bad eating the past few days I am surprise my weight dropped a 1/2 pound to 159.5 with all my cheating going on. Go figure. I have seriously got to get my butt back in gear. My October goal was to weigh 155 and at the rate I am going I will not get there. Grrr! So saying that I will be eating clean for the rest of this month and kicking up my workouts too! I want to get toned seriously and get in gear before the holidays comes around again. This year I am not gaining but maintaining through this holiday season, so that I will be ready for next summer again and vacation too! We haven’t been on a real vacation since November 2004 and we all want to do something fun and in the sun ya’ll. I really want to go to France, but I will take Walt Disney World, a cruise to the islands or something to that nature.

Saying that I did get more exercise in today. I completed a really cool ab work out on exercise on demand with Violet Zaki. If you have cable you can access it for free on channel 1431, so no excuses for me, huh? The name of the workout was 1 Ab Session for 14 minutes. She blasts your core with conditioning move to enhance your abdominal definition and stability. I liked it because it was fast and easy. Then Later I did Body Sculpting with Gilad. Man, he has been around for a long time!! How old is he now? I know he is up there, but he look awesome for his age. But his workout was a mix of kick boxing and weights. I am going to be sore tomorrow, but I would rather be sore than to see the scale go up, lol. I have really got to stop weighing myself daily. A girl can drive herself bananas sometime. hee hee. Well, I am going to get my tired self in the shower and ready for some sleep. I am praying that our little one does not get up too early tomorrow morning. I really want to sleep in.

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