Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I was cooking last night in my kitchen which is pretty nice with the exception of my counter tops. Okay, now I have plenty of counter space, believe me I love it, but.. Yep there is a but. I have rethinking how much I dislike them so much. We have purchased our home almost 3 years ago and the one thing that is a must have in my kitchen is nice counter tops and a grand black splash. I guess I just love to have a kitchen with a clean, traditional style. But what’s wrong with them? Well the previous owner must have loved the color purple/mauve tone because you can totally tell that they installed the tile counter tops and back splash too themselves. How do I know? Well the tile is not measured out right, it is cut in different lengths, and my island is also tiled however with a slit slope, and to top it off the tile wasn’t grouted properly too. It tell you it is a do it yourself project gone bad.

Now my hubby has promised that we will eventually remodel the counter tops and back splash, but I am adventurous and curious to know how difficult it would be to do it yourselves? We have remodeled or first home back in 2000. We did bathroom with new vanity, refinished walls, installed the toilet and all. So, I could not imagine with the right direction of this cool website I came across called I could not go wrong. This site is an open, free community with thousands of articles and over 100 active forums on several do-it-yourself home improvement topics ranging from bathroom remodels, install a skylight, to my favorite kitchen remodeling. I feel that knowledge is power and with the tools you get I can’t imagine having my new counter tops and back splash look as bad as they do now. You also can buy do it yourself DVD’s to assist you along the way. If you are in a remodel mode like me right now I would check this site out and see if your hubby will let you put your new project on agenda for next spring, heck maybe before your next holiday dinner this year! That’s what I am hoping for.

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