Well yesterday was another good day for me. I got a lot of walking in during the day and I also ate pretty good too. I tried this new Special K cereal for breakfast that had chocolate chips in it and it was GOOD!! I almost wanted seconds, but I knew that would have been glutenous, huh? Then for lunch at work I had some sushi with salad and dinner was a hamburger with fruit on the side!! Yum Yum! That morning I have to say that when I got on the scale the number remained at 163.5, but I am feeling the inches come off my waist again which is great!! So I can’t complain.

I was pretty tired from work yesterday. We actually started selling to customers which was fun show the Bare Escentials and helping with lip color decisions too. The only bad thing about yesterday was that my feet were killing me! My heels weren’t too high, but damn! I felt like Yeta from the Nanny show with Fran? You know who I am talking about. But when it was time to clock out and walk to my car it seemed like it took forever!! So my mission when I got home was to buy some comfortable shoes after dinner. So me and my little went to the mall and I actually found a pair of flat shoes by Mudd at sears. They were on sale and felt like a pair of shoes I can stand in for hours. I guess today will be the real test, so I will let you know how they felt later tonight. Well I am off to study and look at some products for acne prone skin since I will be seeing a few clients today. I just want to know the right brands to recommend and know on hand a variety a price points from different brands that I can offer each customer, you know? Because some people may be able to afford to spend $100+ one great skincare and then there may be others that may be on a tight budget too! So, I want to be able to know the right prices for each client.

Have a great day 🙂

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