Oh guys, today I just dropped off my little boy to preschool for the first time. He has been at home with me since birth and now he is growing up into a big boy and I don’t like it. You know what I mean? You want them to stay young forever, but they have to grow up. It think I was more nervous than he was. This morning he woke up and he said I don’t want to go to school and that is when I got butterflies in my tummy. So, we sat and hugged, then shortly after that he was ready to get dressed and eat breakfast.

After breakfast, we got packed up into my car and we were off!!! We arrived at the school and he saw the other kids and he was ready to go to his classroom he did not want to wait. So, he was off play as fast as you can say play. Then the teacher showed me where is cubby was, it had is name on it which made me want to cry, and she took me outside to the lobby where I could finish his paper work and watch him on t.v from a remote area which I thought was cool. The director reassured me that he will be fine and if I would like to call and check up on him I could. But, I don’t know if I will do that. I don’t want to make myself crazy all day, so I am going to keep myself busy.

I just hope and pray that he does fine and that he will be ready to go back on Wednesday to have fun. I also hope that I do not receive a call from his school today because that lets me know that he is doing fine. later my hubby will be picking him up from pre-school at 4:30pm and I will be eager to see how my little one liked it! I told DH to ask lots of questions.

Now, this is my first child and my first experience. How did some of you mommies out there deal with the first day of school gitters? You have any fun and sad experiences that you could share with me? I guess I just need reassurance and I can’t wait until my hubby and son walked through the door later this evening. Well, I am off to do some errands and maybe take a nap because I did not sleep at all last night due to my nervesness. Keep your fingers crossed for me and my baby.

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