I hope that you all are having a great week and preparing for a fun filled weekend to come. I know I am going to go shopping since I got a awesome gift cards from my mom and step dad and a good friend of mine for my birthday the past on Sept 2nd. Then I will just rest up and have fun with my family too.

Anyway, did you see the premier of the Biggest Loser on Tuesday night? What a great selection of contestants they picked. I swear, I am so emotional I was crying when each person was explaining their struggles with their weight and why they were so happy to be on the show this season. I was only crying because I can so related. I remember being the biggest cheerleader on the squad or the biggest fashion design major in college modeling in the fashion show each year. It’s tuff! Which contestant did you relate to or just began to fall in love with? I think for me it was Gerry. I was blow away with him in the first challenge. You have a 62 year old man competing to be a team leader against all of the younger contestant which I thought was FABULOUS!!!! Go Gerry!!

The show also twisted my heart strings when the two team captins had to chose there team leaving the 6 remaining contestants thinking they were going home. Then surprise hear comes awesome Jillian, which by the way has an awesome body and outstanding kick butt workouts, to there rescue. Wasn’t that cool? I am so with Team black, since Jillian is training. So go black!!! Either way it goes I am just so excited so see everyone’s transformation.

Did anyone see the second half of the show? I missed the second half because I had to go to the grocery store before my hubby left to pick up my brother in law from the airport. I thought that I had set the timer on our lovely VCR to record, but when I got home to watch it and all I got was snow. Oh man!!! I really need TIVO. Could someone be so nice to let me know how the weigh ins went? Did anyone get booted of the show yet? Okay, I answered by question and went to NBC.com and saw that Amber went home this week, but wowza!! She has already lost 65 pounds and is still working on losing more and she is just looking wonderful. I am just excited!!! But talk to me!!

Also what did you all think of the new host this year? Allison Sweeney!! I think she did a great job and displayed a great enthusiam for the contestants. I sure wished I could have seen the weigh ins ya’ll. It gives me motivation to get tone and it my new goal of 155. Do you think that they will re-air the premier? I wish, but anyway I am off of get some exercise in before my eyes close up on me. I had a long day today at work and I hoping that I passed my certifications. I will chat back later 🙂

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