Bacterial and particulate contaminants are the growing demand of today. This can be a particularly difficult task for anyone since people pick up contaminations on their shoes while they walk. Yet some places are there which needs to be free from any of the particulates and bacteria. The solution to this problem is a product that is called clean room sticky mats.

Uses for the Sticky Mats

These sticky mats were designed initially for clean rooms that require sterile environments. The adhesive covering present on the mat works wonderful to remove all the dirt and also inhibit the growth of bacteria. Here is a list of all other industries that require these mats

  • The manufacture of electronics requires a sterile environment. The employees working in these rooms mostly wear hazard suits over their clothing and shoes. However, these measures do not eliminate the contamination present on the feet. The sticky mats easily remove the debris and dirt from the feet with their adhesive covering.
  • Laboratories require clean environments. It is very important to prevent contamination from the samples to be tested. It is also very important that the equipments used must free of debris and contamination. Dust particles are easily disbursed into the air on motion and can fly from your feet to the equipment. These mats help in preventing the dust, dirt, and debris from getting into the lab and then into the air.
  • Another very obvious place that must be kept free from debris and germ is the operating room. The medical personnel should always cover their shoes and clothes with surgical scrubs. The antimicrobial nature of the mats hinders the entry of germs into the surgical suite and hence exposing the patients to any other danger of contaminated tools and air.

The clean sticky mats have more than one use and have many industrial uses. Homeowners can also benefit by using them as well. They are a blessing for household that are prone to allergies. They simply become the welcome mat at any place.

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