Waterproof coats are an excellent all-year round type of outerwear, but what are the real benefits of owning one?


The most obvious benefit is of course the fact that they will protect you from the rain. Most coats and jackets that are waterproof are guaranteed to protect your clothing from light showers, however some of the more upmarket ones are also great for downpours, thanks to specially-taped seams.

They are also ideal for keeping the wind off you.


Whether you’re out-and-about walking, on holiday or just spending the day exploring a new city, having a coat that is lightweight is perfect for the summer months when the weather can be incredibly erratic – sun shining down one minute, and the next thing you know the heavens have opened and you’re soaking wet.

Being light in weight, also makes them quite compact in size allowing for easy storage in backpacks etc. Many waterproof coats are designed for easy storage, either with included bag or they are just easy to fold to a very small size.


Due to their lightweight properties, rain coats are also designed to be breathable, preventing “sweating” and keeping the wearer cool underneath, which is ideal for during the warmer weather.


Whilst most people use waterproof coats to keep the rain off them, many coats are designed so that the hood can be folded up and hidden away, whilst some even come with inner fleeces for extra warmth, creating a coat that is even more adaptable to whatever weather conditions the wearer is dealing with at the time.

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