Have you ever wondered what factors can cause acne? I know I have, because I have never had an acnes problem until after giving birth to my son. I am starting to notice acne on my chin and jawline, however it is not severe. But, I hate it because acne causes me to feel more self conscious and less confident on days when it affects me, and I can only imagine how people that deal with acne as on going issue may feel. After talking to a lot of other women, I found that my case seemed to be more common to women going through hormonal changes after baring children and menopause too. I always thought that my acne was affected by certain foods I ate. But after browsing this site I was enlightened on many type of acne people experience. I also thought this site was a great learning tool for me since I work in the cosmetics industry.

We say that acne is not caused by certain foods we eat. They suggest that scientists have been unable to find Any substantial connection between diet and acne. However a healthy diet will help your body have the strength to help you in your fight against acne. They also list of misconceptions of acne too which I find interesting. The other thing I like about this site is that it educate you on the different types of acne breakouts with text and if you are a visual person they even show pictures of different acne. It’s kind of gross, but very effective in determining what type of acne you have and what type of treatment is out there that you can purchase to treat the condition. Check it out and if you are curious on finding a way to treat your acne this site is very informative and will not leave you uninformed.

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