Choosing the right horse riding clothes is important. Just like any physical activity, you need to be kitted out with right clothing and gear. Firstly, when choosing horse riding clothing the vital option is the helmet for safety above all else but there are always options with different styles and colours of helmets. Make sure your helmet fits well and safely, this is not something you want to rush in choosing.

You can purchase specifically designed shirts and jackets for horse riding, such as a body warmer vest for riding in colder conditions as it will keep you warm and not restrict the movement of your arms. Keeping warm and comfortable is key but also visible so avoid too many dark colours.

Tights are generally advised for legwear and not jeans. Jeans, if too loose, can inhibit your riding so something much tighter is recommended. You can purchase riding tights with leather knee pads and seat pads to aid grip too.

Finally, your boots need to be strong and durable. However, be wary that they are not too heavy and bulky as they could become stuck in the stirrup and lead to serious injury. So it may be best to simply go with a good design of riding boot and not take any chance with other kinds of leather boot. It’s also advisable to wear thick socks with your boots for comfort.

You need to be comfortable but protected so choose what you like for horse riding clothes, regarding style or design, and comfort, but put your safety whilst horse riding first.

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