The cream contains the herbal ingredients that improves the process of healing and prevents the irritants, allergens and microorganism from worsening the skin conditions. This herbal cream is also used for the treatment of dermatitis, insect bites and rashes caused due to diaper.
What Are The Benefits Of Coresatin Pediatric Nonsteroid Healing Formula?
It treats insect bites, dermatitis and diaper rashes.
It is safe to be used for the babies as it prevents severe diaper rashes.
The effect of microorganism is healed
It also heals the skin irritation and allergy
It fastens the process of healing and keeps moisturizes the skin.
It is free from steroid so it is safe to be used for babies.
This cream can be used for a long period of time and without any side effects.
What Are The side effects?
There are minimal side effects of this cream as it contains the natural ingredients.
In case if there are any side effects than immediately stop the use of it and consult the physician.
If one is having difficulty to breathe or to swallow
It causes swelling on all or any part of the body.
Severe or minor skin rash
Chest tightness
If there are any side effects that become too severe, than immediate check with the physician is a must.
The dosage must be followed as per suggested by the physician. The dosage and the direction of application are recommended by the physician depending on the condition of the patient’s skin and how he responds.
The Coresatin Pediatric Nonsteroidal is an herbal cream but consultation with the physician is a must before taking the medication.
Those who are having a sensitive skin should do a patch test first before applying over a large area.
Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using the medicine without physician’s consultation.
Do not use on any other supplements, medications or drug.
If one is suffering from any disorders or illness.
Store it in a dry and cool place irrespective of any of the season. Follow the direction for how to store that is given on the medicine’s label.

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