Lasuna from Himalaya is an effective herbal supplement enriched with all the goodness of garlic which is a known component to promote general well-being. It also helps to keep cholesterol level under checks, prevent stomach cancer, reduce tumor size, protects liver, heart, digestive disorders and more ailments.
What Are The Benefits Of Lasuna From Himalaya?
Keeps blood cholesterol level under control
Alternative medicine to reduce tumor size and prevent stomach cancer
Fights against infections
Cures skin disorders easily
Soothes and regulates blood sugar level by release of insulin
Treats coughs and throat irritations
Packed with anti-viral and anti-allergic properties
How To Take?
A capsule twice daily can be taken.
Precautions & side-Effects?
Children above 14 years shall only take it due to swallowing issues and no side-effects reported if taken as directed by a qualified doctor.
How To Store?
Always store it in a cool and dry place away from children and pet.

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