It helps to lose extra weight of the body by decreasing the excessive craving for sugar or food thus reduces fat and carbohydrates’ intake in the diet. It alsomaintains a good nutritional balance.
What Is The Composition Of Simlim?
Arciniambogia (Vrukshamla/Kokam)
Bauhinia variegate (Kanchanar)
ClerodendronPhlomides (Agnimatha)
Terminalia Chebula(Haritaki)
What Are The Benefits Of Simlim?
Triggers thermogenesis
Blocks conversation of carbohydrates and fat
It is safe for long term use
It reduces the excessiveurge for food or sugar
It maintains a good energy level
It keeps your body in shape
How To Use Simlim?
Take 2 capsules of Simlim twice a day, 15 minutes after breakfast and dinner. After reaching the preferred weight loss, cut down the capsule intake to 2 capsules per day. To get best results, continue with Simlim for at least 3 months. Most importantly, to be more effective, Simlim should be taken in combination with a reduced and proper calorie diet and 20 minutes–1 hour of adequate exercise regime.
Precautions And Side Effects:
The medicine is not known to have any side effects.
How To Store?
Store away from children and in a dry and cool place.

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