Sunthi, also known as Ginger is an herbal product safe to be used for addressing various digestive based ailments. The Sunthi from Himalaya is an herbal supplement whose use has extensively been mentioned in the Ayurvedic text to heal digestive and stomach ailments.
A research at the University of Hawaii has discovered that Sunthi performs necessary steps to support body in the time of nausea.
What Is The Composition Of Sunthi From Himalaya?
Each composition of Sunthi from Himalaya comes in capsule form and each is laced with 400 mg of pure Sunthi extract.
What Are The Benefits Of Sunthi From Himalaya?
Treats inflammatory issues and arthritis as has anti-inflammatory properties
Cures all digestive disorders and curtails gaseous distension
Aids in the protein breakdown and helps in digestion
Effective in addressing morning sickness, nausea and motion sickness
Useful in healing post-surgical nausea and chemotherapy based nausea
Cures diarrhea caused due to infections
Keeps away toxin production and eases down metabolism of bacteria
How To Take Sunthi From Himalaya?
One capsule daily or as directed by a niche physician
Precautions While Taking Sunthi
A prescribed dose shall be followed at all to cut all risks
What Are The Side-Effects Of Sunthi?
There are no side-effects of Sunthi if taken as required and prescribed but shall always be taken under the advice of a noted doctor.
How To Store Sunthi?
Sunthi from Himalaya shall always be stored in a cool and dry place.

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