The Tulsi Green Tea is an effective and power-packed rejuvenator and refresher which aids the body to be in a good shape and is a great way to start your day. What’s more, it also helps to shed weight and keeps away stress.
What Is The Composition Of Tulsi Green Tea?
Green Tea
Rama Tulsi
Vana Tulsi
Krishna Tulsi
What Are The Benefits Of Tulsi Green Tea?
Helps to kick off your day in the morning and keeps one refreshed all-day long
Helps in enhancing stamina and metabolism required for a good health
Helps to shed weight
Keeps away stress easily
Keeps away cough, cold and related ailments
Enhances immunity and digestion
Reduces free radicals and promotes antioxidants
Directions For Use
One to two cups daily or as required or as per the label.
No side-effects reported.
How To Store The Tulsi Green Tea?
It shall be always stored in a dry and cool place.

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