The gilet is a popular choice amongst those within equestrian circles. It’s not difficult to see its appeal. It offers a solution to warmer winters, providing the perfect compromise between warmth and practicality.

It manages to keep the core of your body warm, yet offers more freedom of movement for the arms. Gilets come in many different styles and equestrian enthusiasts are becoming increasingly interested in the fashionable element of the gilet.

The gilet comes in many different forms. Fashion gilets are often made from cloth, fake fur, or sometimes knitted.

The gilets used for sports such as equestrian are often designed to be windproof and are often made from synthetic material. Other designs are made from fleece, offering an extra level of warmth.

Despite being a useful item of clothing, many equestrian enthusiasts are unsure as to how one should wear a gilet.

The main tip which many fashion gurus appear to agree on is layers. Layers should be welcomed when it comes to wearing gilets. After all, they are there to add another level of warmth, so it makes sense to enhance that through adding layers.

Gilets often work well over other jackets. These may include denim or puffas, depending on how thick the quilting may be. One can even pull them over a jumper or long-sleeved shirt.

Certain combinations will give you certain looks. For example, a gilet used alongside an Oxford shirt will offer a smart autumnal look. For a more casual look, combine with a plain wool jumper for a look that has a more casual feel. When the weather gets colder, try mixing with hoodies and scarves.

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