Autumn is the season to update your country boots and invest in a new pair to see you through the winter months. These are highly practical for country living as they protect against the elements and are extremely comfortable and therefore suited to hiking and other country pursuits. They are also a great style statement and complement the country aesthetic. They are also a good look even if you are an urban dweller, and indeed it is a fashion that has crossed over to the mainstream.

There are a wide number of options for where to choose your country boot, with specialist retailers offering the widest ranges. Many of these have an online outlet for your convenience however there are also plenty of choices on the high street throughout the UK if you prefer to shop that way. Specialist retailers may include country and outdoor clothing retailers, agricultural or gardening retailers and equestrian shops.

Some generalist high-street shops will also stock country boots however they may not be able to offer expert knowledge in the same way. They are also less likely to stock a comprehensive range of styles and different manufacturers.

It may be possible to order directly from manufacturers themselves; certainly if you are after a specific brand then a quick online search will tell you who will stock them. If you wish to buy your country boots second hand then a search will give you second hand options from auction sites, for example.

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