Women’s Shape: Intake Disorder in women and their behavior

intake disorder is one of the most run of the mill psychological and biological disorder , that women witness. Teenagers are more prone to intake disorders, but it does not apply to confine young broadcast, women aged linking 20 and 30 endure from intake disorders.

Anorexia Nervosa and bulimia nervosa are the two run of the mill intake disorder, that the women what to amenorrhea (menstrual cycle), osteoporosis, diabetes , high blood pressure, heart problems, abdominal pain …. I trust list is endless and could be fatal to the shape
million girls and women endure from intake disorders, men are also of intake disorders has long been suffering. Girls primarily want the “perfect map” and thus avoid to ensure that they wait lean, what longing in her body. The main cause of the intake disorder is not known, but the way of life in those days, it more of a mental disorder . But broadcast be with you that if they do not like their bodies and accept their body shape as it is and then work on to make them fail, they be converted into victims of intake disorders. Parents and guardians play a very vital role in realizing their stations about intake lifestyle.

Information and behavior of Essstörungen1. Like Your Body You be with you
body, take your height and consequence into account, as it takes to have his body consequence in family member to their height. Accept your body as it is to avoid unenthusiastic view for your body.

2 Be knowledgeable
Learn more about anorexia and bulimia, this is plainly in doubt about intake disorders.

3 Medical aid
Seek information from a nutritionist, if you like your body, appropriate medical care will help you a balanced diet and also watch your intake lifestyle.

4 Compare not compare
not everlastingly up to this super models and movie stars, dredge up Milan has also prohibited (fashion hub of the world) anorexic models and movie stars have their own nutritionist, who takes their diet. You can also help the dieticians to a diet plot for itself

Design5. Yoga & Negotiation

practicing yoga helps the body to keep in shape, Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga, to help you lose consequence and keep the blood flow in the body.

hope that broadcast be with you the value of their bodies and learn to like … Now get a touch to eat and delight in Bon Appétit:)

Stay Tuned “shape-Veda

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